Interview with Sooz Kempner

Sooz Kempner stars in Long Cat Media's brand new five-part musical podcast series The Ballad of Anne & Mary, which tells the story of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two of the most notorious pirates who ever lived. I caught up with Sooz to find out more. Can you tell me about The Ballad of... Continue Reading →

News: Brand new musical podcast The Ballad of Anne & Mary announced

An electrifying five-part musical podcast series The Ballad of Anne & Mary will launch on Thursday 29th April with a stellar cast including musical sensation Christina Bianco, actress and comedian Sooz Kempner, Hamilton star Karl Queensborough, and drag legend Le Gateau Chocolat among others. It's 1721, and London is abuzz with news of notorious pirates... Continue Reading →

One year on…

Let’s face it, the past twelve months have been awful for most of us (unless of course we’re investors in Pfitzer or Astrazeneca, or perhaps shareholders in Serco test and trace). For me personally, the past year has been one of the toughest I’ve had to endure. A year ago today, just as Boris was... Continue Reading →

News: New podcast, The Portal, announced

Lose yourself in a story of obsession, 40 years of nightlife and 4,000 years of human connection. In The Portal Martin Green, Wils Wilson, and David Greig have woven together a tale of love, music, drugs and deceit over 12 episodes available on Apple Music/Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and all good podcast platforms free of... Continue Reading →

News: Avant-Bard releases new Shakespeare podcast

July is starting off with a bang as Avant-Bard releases the first few episodes of their brand new podcast. Hosted by two queer Shakespeare-obsessed losers, Matthew Marquez and Megan Scharlau, each episode takes a piece of media inspired by the plays and poems of William Shakespeare and breaks it down for the audience. Connecting the... Continue Reading →

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