News: Alphabetti and The Worriers present Tree

Frustrated by the lack of interesting roles for mature women, Northeast actors Jaqueline Philips and Judi Earl have collaborated with writers Gary Kitching and Steve Byron to bring Tree to Alphabetti Theatre this January. The world premiere will explore what it really means to be honest and to lie, to be lonely and alone, and... Continue Reading →

News: Alphabetti Theatre vie for the lauded UK Number 1 slot with their own Christmas Single!

Grab life by the baubles this Christmas with Alphabetti Theatre’s Festive Fundraiser and Christmas Single. ’Tis the season to be super ambitious as Alphabetti are vying for the lauded UK Number 1 spot! Love From is written by Alphabetti’s own Artistic Director Ali Pritchard, and performed by a plethora of UK artists, beautifully encapsulating the... Continue Reading →

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