News: Oedipus Electronica premieres radical reimagining at VAULT Festival

The eagerly awaited brand new show from Pecho Mama, the team that brought you Medea Electronica, comes to VAULT Festival for its 10th anniversary edition. This radical and electrifying reinvention of the Oedipus myth will take audiences on a relentless white-knuckle ride through ecstasy and devastation with this ultimate love triangle – mother, father, son.

Pecho Mama’s powerhouse production for our times tells Jocasta’s story and marries London’s domestic grit with searing live Electronica. Set in current day, Jocasta is undergoing IVF; on stage, she exorcises her demons by sharing her horrific story of violence, loss and sex. This gritty musical has finely crafted audio and lighting design in a hugely technical and ambitious production brought to life by theatre makers and musicians Mella Faye, Don Bird and Alex Stanford.

Mella Faye, Artistic Director of Pecho Mama commented: “Oedipus has all the ingredients we wanted; passion, fire, love, loss, and an unspeakable act of human nature. Motherhood is a huge theme for us again and this is Oedipus told from Jocasta’s point of view. In theatre you can be at your most dangerous, and play with the deepest taboos. This is Oedipus for our generation and we don’t hold back from going all the way. It’s savage, raw, vulnerable and godly. Every moment of the story, performance and music is finely crafted to deliver unrelenting emotional impact.”

Oedipus Electronica Is supported by Arts Council England, Corby Cube, Lakeside Theatre, Essex University, Sound and Music and The Old Market.

To buy tickets visit


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