Interview with Samuel Wilson-Freeman

Samuel Wilson-Freeman is currently starring as Steven in Bring It On The Musical, which arrives at London’s Southbank Centre later this week. I caught up with Samuel, who is also resident director, to find out more.

Can you tell me about Bring It On The Musical?
Bring it On centres around the character of Campbell, played by Amber Davies, and her journey from achieving her dream of being cheer captain at a high achieving school, to suddenly being moved to a new school, which has no cheerleading squad. The show is full of cheer stunts, full out choreography and a lot of heart, and explores lots of different characters and themes.

What attracted you to the production?
The idea of learning a new skill in the form of cheerleading was really exciting for me. The cast have been incredibly supportive in helping everyone achieve the standard of cheerleading in the show, in such a short space of time.

Tell me about your character…
I play Steven in the show, who is a lot of fun & an absolute donut! Steven is Campbell’s boyfriend and one of the cheerleaders of the Truman squad. In his head, he thinks he belongs in a chart topping boyband.

Were you familiar with the film before you got the part?
I wasn’t, but loved the film when I watched it in prep for the show!

How does the musical differ from the film?
The show is a brand new story for the stage, but absolutely captures the essence, humour and ferocity of the first film! Plus, the music for the show really creates different environments immediately and sets the scene for both schools.

How are rehearsals going?
Rehearsals have been intense but really exciting. We have an exceptionally talented and diverse cast and crew, who have worked really hard to bring the show to the place it is in now.

What can audiences expect from the show?
A lot of stunts, a lot of heart & a really hard working cast and crew bringing a brand new show to the UK!

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