News: Crissy Rock to lead cast of Menopause the Musical 2

Following multiple sell out UK and Irish Tours with the original “ultimate girls’ night out”, Menopause the Musical® will embark on a UK and Irish nationwide tour in Spring 2022 with the brand-new Cruising Through Menopause. 

The tour commences 15 February at the Stafford Gatehouse and will continue until July 2022, visiting more than 60 venues across Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland. Tickets are now on sale. 

The hysterical sequel to the original smash-hit show fast forwards five years to catch up with the same four characters as they set sail on the high seas.  Menopause the Musical® 2: Cruising Through Menopause is a funny, heartfelt, reassuring and unflinching look at the joys of friendship, and of course the menopause.

The cast is headed by the fabulously funny Crissy Rock (Janey York in ITV’s smash hit Benidorm, BBC One’s MasterChef and MasterChef Christmas Special 2020), Rebecca Wheatley (Casualty), Nicki French (Eurovision Song Contest) and Susie Fenwick (Beautiful, The Carole King Musical, West End). Filled with hilarious parody songs about hot flushes, memory loss and aging disgracefully, this is a must-see comedy for 2022. For our four ladies the menopause is not the beginning of the end, but the beginning of a new life where love conquers all and friends are everything. 

Menopause the Musical premiered on March 28, 2001 in Orlando, Florida, in a 76-seat theatre that once housed a perfume shop. The cast of four women shopping for lingerie at a Bloomingdale’s sale, sang 25 songs about chocolate cravings, hot flushes, loss of memory, nocturnal sweats, and sexual predicaments. The lyrics parodied popular music from the baby boomer era, with notable numbers “Stayin’ Awake” and “Puff, My God I’m Draggin’.”

Written by Jeanie Linders, the show appealed to menopausal women who helped the show blow the lid off the “silent passage” by flocking to the show in large numbers. The show’s ensuing success Off-Broadway led to a number of productions across the USA in such cities as Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles Boston, Denver, and its current permanent home at Harrah’s in Las Vegas.

Within a few years, international productions became commonplace and have, amongst others, been staged in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Spain

Across the world over twelve million people (almost all women) have seen the show.

This remarkable success inspired the creative team to revisit the fan’s favourite four ladies and create Menopause The Musical 2.  Although a sequel, the show stands alone and can be enjoyed by both fans of the original or those new to the Menopause club.  The show premiered in 2020 but was closed by lockdown after only a few performances. The reviews were however outstanding, and a very loyal audience has been patiently waiting for the tour to get back on the road.  

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