News: Little Fox’s Christmas Garden to play at the Brook Theatre, Chatham

This Christmas, Icon Theatre, Loop Dance Company and Play On Words Theatre offer the perfect introduction to theatre in their much-loved annual immersive production. Little Fox’s Christmas Garden is designed for 3–6-year-olds and their grown-ups.

It’s Christmas Eve and in a cosy old bookshop Little Fox is helping Big Fox put up lots of decorations. Suddenly, they receive an urgent message. An evil queen has cast a terrible spell, and Christmas may be gone forever! Can you help Little Fox lift the spell, free the garden, and save Christmas?

This brand-new and enchanting production allows early years children to experience theatre interactively, as they join Little and Big Fox on a journey through magical landscapes, meeting larger-than-life characters. They’ll have the opportunity to join in with dance, songs and games and even be able to help make it snow.

For over a decade, Icon Theatre, Loop Dance and Play On Words Theatre have worked together to create acclaimed festive productions for early years children, bringing to life favourite animal friends, previous titles include Sammie The Sheep Saves Christmas, The Little Lost Frog and the Christmas Wish and The Lion Who Came For Christmas. This year they are focusing on the clever and independent fox, an animal full of playfulness and mischief who also symbolises good luck in this delightful promenade production.

Director Nancy Hirst (Icon Theatre) commented: “As creative companies, we are looking forward to welcoming young children and their families back to The Brook Theatre for another interactive festive adventure, this time into Little Fox’s magical world. We all believe that the best theatre experiences happen when audiences can be involved and immersed in the story. Little Fox’s Christmas Garden is an opportunity for early years children to experience theatre in an interactive way. Unlike a traditional Christmas Panto where families are sat in their seats, children and adults will have the opportunity to follow characters around a magical world, created by Designer Sarah Booth. Christmas shows hold a special place in many people’s hearts, and we hope, for some, this show will be a memorable entry into the world of theatre.”

Little Fox’s Christmas Garden runs at the Brook Theatre, Chatham from Friday 3 – Friday 24 December


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