News: Rotherhithe Playhouse offers free tickets to ‘Great Expectations’ to those accessing food banks or subsidised school meals

A new production of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, adapted and directed by Phil Willmott, will be the next production at Rotherhithe Playhouse, with a pay what you can ticket pricing and free tickets for families accessing food banks.

The cast includes: Beatrice Vincent, Danny Hetherington, Eddy Payne, Gabriel K Hasstrup, Jan Olivia Hewitt, Jan Shepherd, Megan Henson, Mohit Mathur, Robert Vernan, Will Forester.

Phil Willmott says: “Immediately following the first lock down I sensed there was an enormous appetite to see some kind of live performance again and so I brought a group of actor’s together, working within the regulations, to perform ‘HAMLET’ on the riverbank at Rotherhithe and surrounding area. It was an extremely moving and eye-opening experience

“It was heart-lifting to find so many theatre goers turning out to devour and talk about Shakespeare alongside those who’d never seen a play and loved it. But it was also a reminder of the power brilliant actors have to hold a crowd of people, spell-bound by delivering a great text, clearly, simply and unadorned, with the emphasis on storytelling.

“I have gone on to create the Rotherhithe Playhouse to continue this work year round. Whatever the future holds in these strange and unprecedented times, whenever and where ever, our neighbours need to be uplifted and inspired by a classic story, we’ll be there telling it at affordable prices in
welcoming spaces. In this way I hope we’ll introduce the power and pleasure of theatre going to many people who’ve hither to felt excluded from traditional theatre, but also that we’ll inspire new writers to chronicle our times with the vividness of writers from the past.”

Rotherhithe Playhouse offers a “Pay What You Can” basis starting from £5 and with tickets free to those accessing food banks or subsidised school meals.

Suitable for all ages, Great Expectations lasts 90 minutes and will be performed by 10 unmasked actors no less than 1m away from the audience.

Great Expectations will run until 19 September 2021.


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