News: Petite Pantos presents Mama G: Telling Tales on Telly

“Everybody’s favourite pantomime dame,” (Metro) might be experiencing Lockdown the Threequel, but that’s not going to stop her livestreaming stories to your living room (direct from Stanley Arts in London)February half-term would usually see Mama G visiting venues across the UK to brings some joy and sparkle (literally, there are always sparkles with a Mama G show) to the last of the dark days before spring arrives. In 2021, not being allowed to travel isn’t going to stop her engaging, enlightening and joy filled entertainment reaching her fans, old and new (and some very much in the grown-up category) Telling Tales on Telly will be packed with Mama G’s very own stories about being who you want and loving who you are, as well as original songs, plenty of sequins and a guest appearance from award winning comedian Katie Pritchard!

Tune in to meet some of Mama G’s most wonderful creations such as the feuding fairies Fran and Vera and Odie, a cat that just wants to be in showbiz! It’s going to be the perfect half-term treat to get the whole family smiling, laughing, joining in and feeling uplifted.

Joining forces with several of the theatres the show would have been heading to were travel able to happen, tickets will be sold via participating local theatre box offices and audiences across the UK can choose to buy from their nearest venue to watch the show live via Zoom. Mama G may be performing in London but audiences can watch from anywhere, while supporting local venues.

About Mama G and Petite Pantos
Mama G’s shows are produced by Petite Pantos. It is performed and written by Robert Pearce (The Glenn Miller Story with Tommy Steele, Honk!Rainbow Live!) and is Directed by Amée Smith.

Panto Dame Mama G first came to life, at the Cowley Café, during the 2018’s Brighton Fringe. Since then she has been all over the UK (and visited Canada and Texas) telling stories to children and their families, about being who you are and loving who you want. She has been proving very popular and has told stories for the South Bank Centre, HSBC, Disney, ZSL London Zoo, Pride in London and Camp Bestival, as well as theatres, schools, libraries, museums, bookshops, nurseries and pretty much anywhere else that will have her. In 2020 she had been booked to perform at Glastonbury and the Edinburgh International Book Festival, as well as presenting a show in the West End… but, well, we all know what’s got in the way of that!

During the pandemic, Mama G has been keeping up appearances with twice weekly Facebook lives, virtual pride appearances, bespoke online story times for libraries and schools and hosting and organising her very own digital family pride!

Petite Pantos was founded in 2016 and produces theatre for young audiences and their families with a focus on inclusiveness and embracing & celebrating differences with the motto “Be who you are and love who you want”

Creating and performing “traditional pantos with a twist” they ensure all the joy of panto also includes a message of social and political importance. The company has focused on bringing panto to new audiences in venues not regularly used as performance spaces and in communities without regular access to arts or representation in arts.

Mama G: Telling Tales on Telly will be live streamed on 20 February. Tickets cost £10 per household.

Booking links: · 

Stanley Arts (London)

Key Theatre (Peterborough)

The Woodville (Gravesend)

Pride in London (in partnership with Coming Out) 

Photo credit: McDowell Arts and Design


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