Review: Silent Night, Nell Pattison

The second book in the Paige Northwood series, Silent Night is a chilling mystery which begins when students at a school for the deaf go on an overnight trip to the snowy woods with their teachers. By the time morning comes a teacher’s body is found in the woods and a student is missing. As police begin their investigation, sign language interpreter Paige Northwood is called in to assist them with their interrogations. But the case opens up old wounds for Paige, while police race to discover just who the killer is – before they strike again.

Written by Nell Pattison, Silent Night is the second in the Paige Northwood series. Like the first book, Silent Night has all of the key features of a great thriller – it’s unnerving and full of suspense with twists and turns throughout. From the very first page you’re sure to be gripped and won’t want to put the book down. There are moments and situations which genuinely put the reader on edge and it’s certainly recommended that you read it with the lights on!

Despite the book featuring a lot of characters, they’re all well-round and developed, and as a consequence there are plenty of potential suspects, all with their own motives to kill, ensuring that this is a clever whodunnit. Meanwhile Paige herself is likeable but also has her flaws, resulting in a relatable and human main character, who’s easy to champion.

Though you don’t need to have read The Silent House to understand Silent Night, it is obviously recommended, and you’re sure to want to go back and read it if you haven’t already. What’s so great about The Paige Northwood series is that it gives a voice to the deaf community. Thanks to Pattison’s own experiences, readers are able to learn in addition to being thoroughly entertained.

A compelling and fast-paced read, Silent Night is a unique and chilling thriller and impossible to put down.

Silent Night is published 12 November.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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